The George and

Svetlana Show


...a delightfully capricious cabaret

featuring Celeste Markwell, Debbie Zukerman and Dave Barclay

director Robin Davidson, musical director Dave Barclay

The George and Svetlana Show had a successful 2009 season at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne. We hope to remount the show at some point. Watch this space...

The characters George and Svetlana Pantalone were born as part of the cast of the Commedia dell’Arte play Alarm! I directed during the 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival. After Alarm! George and Svetlana refused to be retired, and insisted on mounting their own show, this time a cabaret: The George and Svetlana Show.

Born of vaudeville, cabaret, and the golden years of Hollywood, with roots firmly in Commedia dell’Arte, The George and Svetlana Show is an evening of sultry, toe-tapping entertainment. Opening with a gleeful optimism, this initial gaiety fades as the unhappy truth of George and Svetlana’s marriage bleeds onto the stage, with devastatingly funny results.

Celeste Markwell (Svetlana)

Celeste Markwell recently appeared as Duckling in Our Country's Good at Theatreworks and the Adelaide Fringe '08. She spent the previous two years at St Martins Youth Arts Centre where she performed in When Sand Becomes Glass, Grotesque Beauty, Hatched '06 and Pretty White Lies and the Velveteen Undertow. In 2007 she toured schools around Victoria with Class Act Theatre.

Debbie Zukerman (George Pantalone)

Debbie Zukerman has trained with a number of Melbourne based theatre companies including Red Stitch Theatre and Melbourne Playback. Her stage credits include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, directed by Paul Knox, The Anniversary for the 2007 Short and Sweet Festival, Radicals and Misanthropes and You Shall Above All Things be Glad and Young for St Martins Arts Centre. In 2008 she worked for Flying Bookworm Theatre Company, performing Shakespeare and kids shows in schools across Victoria.

Dave Barclay (Guy the piano player)

Dave Barcaly is a graduate of the Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts and has a music degree from the Australian Catholic University. He has an astonishing list of credits in musical theatre including directing Parade with New Beat Theatre, playing Tom in Goat Town with The Shiny Side, Roger in RENT with New Beat Theatre and Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar with Waterdale SPX Players.