Hidden Corners Theatre

Hidden Corners Theatre is a Canberra-based theatre company for young carers, that is, young people who have a family member with a disability: physical, intellectual or psychiatric.

I founded Hidden Corners Theatre in 2001 with youth worker Mary Gays and was artistic director of the company until the end of 2005. The company continues, and is now a part of CYCLOPS, a young carers support service of Anglicare.

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A brief history of Hidden Corners Theatre:

2001:     Who Cares If I Care?, C Block, Gorman House.

2002:     Burning Shadows, Belconnen Theatre.

2003:     The Amazing Adventures of Supercarer, a superhero melodrama performed at The Big

                   Breakfast and the Hospital Showcase;

              Keeping Secrets, an interactive forum theatre piece performed at high schools and


               Hospital showcase: a special performance of SuperCarer and Keeping Secrets held at the

                    Canberra Hospital.

               Receives an ACT Young Citizen of the Year group award.

2004:      Keeping  it in the Family, interactive  forum theatre performed at conferences in Canberra and


               SuperCarer Part II: Evil Bob strikes back performed at The Big Breakfast;

               a variety of short pieces performed at the first National Young Carers Summit, Sydney;

               Receives ACT Youth Coalition Yogie award for youth participation;

2005:      See Beneath, written by Rebecca Meston with the cast, and co-directed by barb barnett;

2006:      Max Barker, one time cast member, took over as artistic director.

               Performance as part of Canberra Youth Theatre’s Arcane Secrets;

               Hidden Corners members run drama workshops at the second National Young Carers summit

                    in the Gold Coast, Queensland;

               Carers Territory, a collaboration with Carers NT performed in Darwin.

2007:      The Super Adventure, co-written by Max Barker and Adam Hadley, Belconnen Theatre.